The transportation system in Dade County is the single most important and expensive infrastructure system to build and maintain. Our county roads and city streets are used daily by the traveling public. The construction and maintenance of this transportation system is vitally important to the quality of life of the residents of our community, and its attractiveness to industry and commerce.

Residents of Dade County

Residents of Dade County, including those who live in the City of Trenton, have the opportunity to take advantage of the Single-County Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST) for addressing multiple transportation concerns from the construction of a new exit on I-59 to keep big trucks out of our town square, to resurfacing miles of roads and streets, to developing a bike path and walking trails to building new sidewalks.

Vote Splost May 22

Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for Transportation

Dade County Commission Chairman Ted Rumley and Mayor Alex Case have signed an Intergovernmental Agreement (PDF) that clears a hurdle for a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for Transportation purposes to go before voters. The question will be placed on the May 22 General Primary / Non-Partisan / Special Election ballot. April 24 is the last day to register.


All Dade County voters will consider a one cent sales tax that would authorize transportation projects like streets and roads, overpasses, traffic control improvements, and more. The proceeds from this five-year TSPLOST is projected at a maximum $7.75 million. Dade County and Trenton have agreed to share the funds with a 75 / 25 split and selected projects that are important to each jurisdiction.

Additional Information

This website provides information about the TSPLOST initiative, including an overview of the legislation that made this initiative possible, a list of potential projects to be funded by this initiative and more.