General TSPLOST Information

Georgia law allows local communities to use Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST) proceeds for transportation purposes if approved by voters in a referendum. These transportation projects would otherwise be paid for with the existing SPLOST, from the General Fund and property tax revenues.


Dade County voters will be asked to approve a 1% TSPLOST on the May 22, 2018 ballot. If approved the 1% tax will be added to all taxable sales in Dade County for five years beginning October 1 and will generate an expected $7.75 million dollars to be used for projects to benefit residents of the county. The county commissioners have determined that the additional tax is in the best interest of all residents of the county.


TSPLOST funds can be used for the following:

  • Roads, streets, sidewalks, bicycle paths, and bridge purposes such as:

    • Acquisition of Rights of Way
    • Construction
    • Improvement of Surface-Water Drainage
    • Patching, Leveling, Milling, Widening, Shoulder Preparation, Culvert Repair, and Other Repairs Necessary for Their Preservation
    • Relocation of Utilities
    • Renovation and Improvement, Including Resurfacing
  • Storm water and drainage capital outlay projects, in conjunction with transportation projects
  • Transportation purposes' includes:

    • Airports
    • Bridges
    • Buses
    • Public Transit
    • Rails
    • Roads and All Accompanying Infrastructure and Services Necessary to Provide Access to These Facilities

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