Trenton Projects

Funded Projects & Purposes

The following are Projects and Purposes to be funded from the proceeds of the 2018 Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST), the estimated dollar amounts allocated for each transportation purpose, the schedule for distribution of fund, and the priority and order in which the TSPLOST net proceeds will be allocated:


The proceeds are estimated based upon historical collection of SPLOST for the last 15 years that includes a negative 1% growth rate due to declining sales tax revenues. The 1% TSPLOST would be collected for a period of time not to exceed five years and for the raising of not more than an estimated amount of $7,750,000 for transportation purposes.

City of Trenton

Assuming Dade County collects 0.75% of tax and Trenton collects 0.25% of tax, Trenton (population 2,238) will collect $387,500 in 2018 and $1.937 million over the five years and Dade County (population 13,981) will collect $1.16 million this year and $5.812 million over five years. (View Information on TSPLOST for exact amounts (PDF))

Safer City

One of the many projects is a new interstate exit will keep semi trucks out of Trenton's small town square when drivers try to get to the industrial park, resulting in a safer city, particularly for school children.

  • Congestion Relief: $100,000

    • Phase 1 Study to Construct a new I-59 Connector Highway
    • Phase 1 Study to Construct a new I-59 Exit North of Trenton
  • Streetscape: $600,000

    • Implement existing streetscape plan
    • New and / or replacement of sidewalks
  • Quick Response Projects: $80,000

    • All City Roads
  • Public Works Equipment: $269,500

    • Rubber Tire Track-hoe
    • Striper (Middle / Edge Lines / Reflectors)
  • Operations: $10,000

    • Lighting / Beautification of I-59 Trenton Exit
  • Economic Development: $100,000

    • Future Site Studies
    • Roadway Infrastructure
  • Maintenance and Safety Requirements: $800,000

    • Milling Various City Roads
    • Resurfacing City Roads
    • Striping City Road
  • Pedestrian / Bike Improvements: $78,000

    • Development of Bike Paths and Walking Trails (Phase 1, City's portion of Industrial Development Park)
    • Lookout Creek Access Points
    • Town Creek Walk

Intergovernmental Agreement

View the Intergovernmental Agreement (PDF) passed by Dade County and the City of Trenton Commissioners