What Does it Fund?

There cannot be a better time than now to make this investment in our local transportation network. A strong, diverse transportation network attracts economic development, creates economic opportunity, which in turn increases prosperity for all.

Funded Projects

Here are the projects this TSPLOST will fund without raising property taxes while sharing the cost with all who use our transportation system, including those who visit with us and spend money in our county.

County and City Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Adaptive Traffic Signals
  • Add Reflectors to County Roads (Especially Lookout and Sand Mountain)
  • Bike Way and Pedestrian Multi-Use Routes
  • Bike Way and Pedestrian Multi-Use Routes
  • Bridge Maintenance Throughout Dade County
  • Construction of I-59 Connector Highway (Phase 1)
  • Construction of I-59 Exit North of Trenton (Phase 1)
  • County'S Portion of Industrial Development Park
  • Development of Bike Paths and Walking Trails (Phase 1)
  • Expand Streetscape Project in City of Trenton
  • Future Economic Development - Roadway Infrastructure
  • Implement Existing Streetscape Plan in City of Trenton
  • Lighting I-24 Wildwood Exit - to Promote Tourism and Local Business
  • Lighting I-59 Rising Fawn Exit - to Promote Tourism and Local Business
  • Lighting/Beautification of I-59 Trenton Exit - to Promote Tourism and Local Business
  • Lookout Creek Access Points
  • New and / or Replacement of Sidewalks
  • New Sidewalks Along Highway 136 East to Connect Lookout Mountain Trail Head at Cloudland Canyon Park Road
  • Paving of County Owned Graveled Roads
  • Public Works Equipment Various City Roads to Be Milled and Paved

    • Bobcat Skid Steer
    • Bush-Axe
    • Dump Truck
    • Rubber Tire Track-Hoe for City of Trenton Striper (Middle / Edge Lines / Reflectors) - County / City Joint Project
  • Resurfacing County Roads

    • Back Valley Road
    • Burkhalter Gap Road
    • Creek Road (from Sarah Chapel north)
    • Hales Gap Road
    • Mason Road (from cemetery south)
    • Morganville Ridge Road (partial)
    • Murphy Hollow Road
    • New Home Road
    • Old Cloverdale Road
    • Piney Road (partial)
    • Scratch Ankle Road (partial)
    • Sells Lane (from asphalt to Highway 136
    • Slygo Road
    • Walls Circle
    • Yankee Road
    • Other Secondary Roads Will Be Considered if Sufficient Sales Tax Revenues Are Collected
  • Town Creek Walk
  • Update Crosswalks for More Pedestrian Safety