Clerk of Superior Court

The office of the Clerk of Superior Court was established by the first Constitution of the State of Georgia in 1778 as one of the four constitutional officers in each county. The other constitutional officers are the sheriff, the tax commissioner and the probate judge. Kathy Page is Dade County Clerk of Superior Court.

Providing Directly to the Public

The Clerk is elected to provide service directly to the public on a daily basis either personally or through his / her deputy clerks. The duties of the office are spelled out in the Official Code of Georgia in literally hundreds of statutes created by the state legislature. In addition, the Clerk has an obligation to follow the court rules for each court served.

Public Interest & Convenience

Essentially, the Clerk runs the business arm of the local court system and answers first and foremost to the public, ensuring the public's interests and convenience come first. He / she provides some of the most important checks-and-balances within county government and the judicial system. He / she is an impartial, independent county officer and is not an employee or appointee of any county or state commission or the judiciary.

Dade County Clerk of the Court Website

The Dade County Clerk of Superior Court's website is maintained separately and independently from Dade County. The website contains information about the department and its goals and values, as well as court calendars, jury information, etc.